E46- GM5 Module coding options

These are the coding options for the GM5 module of the BMW e46

  • QUIT_AKUST_ENTSCH : alarm beep on unlock (two beeps)
  • QUIT_AKUST_SCHAERF : alarm beep on lock (one beep)
  • QUIT_OPT_ENTSCH : optical Acknowledge remote un-locking (two flashes)
  • QUIT_OPT_SCHAERF : optical Acknowledge remote locking (one flash)
  • ALARM_OPT_ABBLENDLICHT : alarm flashes low beam when tripped
  • ALARM_OPT_WARNBLINKER : ” ” emergency flashers when tripped
  • ALARM_OPT_FERNLICHT : ” ” high beam when tripped
  • BEIKLAPPEN_B_KOMFORTSCHL : press the unlock button twice, and the drivers window will open
  • FH_TUEREN_HINTEN_TIPP_AUF :rear window power down one touch
  • FH_TUEREN_HINTEN_TIPP_ZU : rear window power up one touch
  • FH_ZTR_SCHALTER_TIPP_AUF : window switch down one touch
  • FH_ZTR_SCHALTER_TIPP_ZU : ” ” up ” “
  • (do these after modifying the switches)
  • KOMFORTOEFFNEN_FB_O_FH_HI :remote opens rear window (this has to be nicht_aktiv)
  • KOMFORTSCHLIE_FB_O_FH_HI : remote closes rear window (this has to be nicht_aktiv)
  • KOMFORTOEFFNEN_FB_O_SHD : holding open button on remote opens windows without sun roof
  • KOMFORTSCHLIE_FB_OHNE_SHD : holding close button on remote closes windows without sun roof
  • KOMFORTOEFFNUNG_FB : convertible top opens by holding the open button on remote..Or opens all windows & sun roof on non convertible
  • KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB : convertible top closes by holding the close button on remote..Or closes all windows &sun roof on non convertible
  • MAUT_N_ABBRECH_N_TUER_AUF – windows carry on opening/closing even when you open the door
  • VERRIEGELN_AUT_AB_X_KMH : automatic central locking after X KMH
  • VERRIEGELN_AUT_NACH_2_MIN : automatic central locking is re -locked after 2 MIN if you dont open a door
  • VERRIEGELUNGSSCHWELLE : locking Device-swells (threshold) (speed of X above)
  • (these all have to be aktiv for the auto central locking to work on all keys)
  • PANIK_MODUS – panic mode! press and hold boot button for the siren
  • CYCL_TI_BLK;1-touch on turn signal blinks. einmal-1 . zweimal-2 . dreimal-3.
  • One touch indicators, lane change.
  • BLINKIMPULS_WARNBLK to wert_04 – double impulse hazards
  • HHS_AUTOMATIK – enable auto rear window fogger

If you would like all of the BMW e46 coding options/more details please see this post where you can download in PDF format for your offline use!

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