New competition BMW M3 + M4 models

BMW have showcased its new M3 and M4 “Competition” models, they are asserting that they both offer a balance everyday vs track day performance.

Launched in the UK in early 2021 with the exclusive “competition” specification. The saloon and coupe models both come with the twin-turbo 3.0 litre straight six (lovely sounding engine) – with no shortage of “MSport” magic + badges!

The 503BHP (469lb) performance will push both cars a respectable 0-62MPH in 3.9seconds. Top speed is of course limited to a 155MPH but if you have a demand for more speed – an optional upgrade (yes its BMW’s way) will push that top speed figure to 180MPH – just ask for “M Pro pack” upgrade on specification.

Initially the cars will both be launched in 2 wheel drive configuration, however if its 4-wheel drive you desire this is planned to launch around summer 2021 – “xDrive”.

This “xDrive” system will allow the driver setup and select between the different torque settings (between front and rear). This configuration setting will also allow you to push everything to the rear wheels (in true BMW fashion) at the same time turning off the stability control!

Note: not recommended for the less experienced of drivers

Both models as standard will come with the option to set 10-stages of traction to handle all road conditions (rain, dry track etc)

Note: clicking on image will bring up a higher resolution version

All models will come with the well configured and smooth 8 speed automatic gearbox to ensure comfort but also the impressive 0-62MPH times.

Both the M3 and M4 competition will come with the Adaptive dampers and six-piston brake calipers as standard spec. The brake calipers can be painted in either red, black or the fairly typical but traditional blue.

They will feature the M-Drive professional system, this will log and analyse the drivers on track driving and also adapt to the behaviours of that driver – this will potentially result in better lap times!

Inside the models will feature sports seats, a sports steering wheel, high-gloss carbon fibre trim. With an optiona extra M Carbon bucket seats, which use carbon fibre reinforced plastic to save nearly 10kg.

and of course dont forget the m badges! – a must have for all msport fans.

BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional brings a fantastic tech tweak with head-up display, three-zone climate control, adaptive laser headlights.

Cloud-based live navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included in that pack.

Go on sale from next March, the M3 Competition will cost from £74,755, while the M4 Competition will start at £76,055 depending on optional extras.

Airbag Recall: Safety Alert, is your car one of them?

Well as per my quick previous post here i got a recall notice on my car.

I finally got to the bottom of the actual truth behind this, firstly don’t believe the standard BMW response that the dealers, customer support or anyone representing BMW are telling you. the response will no doubt be:

“just as a precaution measure we are replacing the airbag and due to parts shortage this cant be done till January 2015”

First Contact

First contact i made with BMW was a call to my dealer to establish what the letter means, as this was somewhat unclear. The letter mentioned the was a fault, said the parts possibly might not be there and to call various numbers, it  then went on to say wait to be contacted.

I rang up my local dealer, I said i have a recall letter on my car and without hesitation or mentioning airbag the girl knew exactly what it was about and said:

“ahh the airbag, just as a precaution measure we are replacing the airbag and due to parts shortage this cant be done till January 2015”

So being rather relaxed about the issue i accepted the answer and that was that.

The truth/Information

Whilst eating some lunch i decided to Google a bit and unearthed a whole load of information mainly from the US about the faulty airbag made by “Takata” this was widely used in many car makes (Honda, Subaru and BMW) just to name a few.

Feel free to google “BMW Takata airbag recall” this will return loads of information!

The worrying fact in all of this is the story is old and it has been known about for years, it has been officially linked to about 6 deaths! (so why the delay BMW- cost maybe?)

Second Contact

Pretty scared for mine and other peoples safety in my car i got straight on the phone, this time to the customer support number who told me.. (yes you guessed it)

“just as a precaution measure we are replacing the airbag and due to parts shortage this cant be done till January 2015”

The person on the phone went on to tell me that the car is safe and its not the same part. (ohh really?)

I wouldn’t stop there this time.. i got on the phone to another BMW dealer and this time the mechanic/parts guy (yep i went past everyone else) told me on the phone the part in my car is “Takata” and that it will be the same recall as has been known about for years.

Third and final contact

Customer support email, whats even funny about this contact with BMW is the person sending the emails somewhat shot themselves in the foot they sent out a standard mail merge response email(about the airbag) and then tried to recall the email as i had this in my inbox:

“Recall: Customer Service [SRNUMBER=”

I wont put the full email as it contains my address and cars details but a few quotes from this:

“just as a precaution measure we are replacing the airbag and due to parts shortage this cant be done till January 2015”

“a malfunction cannot indefinitely be ruled out”

The questions we need BMW to answer:

Why so long?

How have they managed to keep this away from the UK press?

If they are “safe” then why the recall..


E46 Airbag Recall Notice

Today i received a rather nice letter from BMW explaining that they are recalling my car due to a faulty passenger airbag, thanks BMW.

Firstly they really don’t get the idea of being discreet, the letter received was a big red bordered letter with “MOTOR VEHICLE RECALL NOTICE” written on it.


Thanks BMW for letting all the neighbors know my car is faulty..

So what are they recalling for?

Well the reason given on letter summed it up in a technical way:

“it has been established that, as a result of long term influences in areas with a high level of air humidity, moisture may penetrate the housing of the gas generator of the front passenger airbag”

What does this mean?

Well its possible the airbag could just go off/ if it went off it would tear and possibly cause injury to the passenger.

Here is what BMW say via press release: Link

Will be call my local BMW dealer to find out more on Monday

Random E46 Convertible alarm!

About 6 months ago i started having fairly frequent random alarm triggers, very random.

Initially i assumed it was because i parked with the roof down sometimes.. but it started happening with the roof closed.

I had read on the internet that sometimes the under bonnet sensor/switch goes and being a cheap part was the most likely culprit. I went to the local BMW dealer and got a new switch (£12) fitted it and few days went by with no alarm.. finally fixed.. (or so i thought)

E46 Alarm switch


About a week later it started happening again! quite embarrassing for me now both my neighbours and my work were getting annoyed at the loud beep beep beep coming from my car. I frantically tried to research all the common problems and even rang up BMW for help neither came up with much.

I approached this from a technical point of view and quickly realised (after giving the car a good shake from outside) it was the internal alarm causing the problem. Now the internal alarm is microwave technology so my suspicions fell to this.

To turn off the internal movement sensor you can:

  • Press the lock button twice and this should flash the red light under the mirror for longer confirming this has been done

Few weeks went by (with no alarm going off) and my problem was “sorted” i got fairly busy at work so i sort of ignored this for a bit.

But one lazy Saturday i decided to try and fix the actual problem i got into the car, put roof down (shades on) and went to the local shop got a paper and drove back, i parked up at my house and locked the car (almost instantly the alarm triggered as i walked away to get a drink) hmm that’s odd.. the one time i didn’t double lock recently it triggers straight away.

I pondered this stood next to my car for a bit (think my neighbours thought i was mental) it suddenly occurred to me what i did was chuck the change from the paper into the centre cup holder slot.. surely this couldn’t trigger it?

I removed the change from car.. locked it and all was well.. suddenly everything for me clicked into place (the microwave sensor, the change and the fact i had replaced the centre storage with the cup holder 6 months ago!)

For next few weeks and even months.. i made sure i didn’t put any change or anything shiny in the centre cup holder and im happy to say my alarm hasn’t gone off since! (touch wood)