E46 Airbag Recall Notice

Today i received a rather nice letter from BMW explaining that they are recalling my car due to a faulty passenger airbag, thanks BMW.

Firstly they really don’t get the idea of being discreet, the letter received was a big red bordered letter with “MOTOR VEHICLE RECALL NOTICE” written on it.


Thanks BMW for letting all the neighbors know my car is faulty..

So what are they recalling for?

Well the reason given on letter summed it up in a technical way:

“it has been established that, as a result of long term influences in areas with a high level of air humidity, moisture may penetrate the housing of the gas generator of the front passenger airbag”

What does this mean?

Well its possible the airbag could just go off/ if it went off it would tear and possibly cause injury to the passenger.

Here is what BMW say via press release: Link

Will be call my local BMW dealer to find out more on Monday

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