NCS Expert / INPA Installation Guide – Windows 10

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Full PDF installation guide for NCS Expert / INPA, with screenshots (Windows 10)


This is a full installation guide for NCS Expert / INPA, with screenshots.

Comes in .PDF format with full sized individually labeled screenshots to follow.

You can follow from start to finish how to install and setup NCS + INPA

This guide is written for Windows 10, if you are using Windows 7 please see this guide. If you are using Windows 11 please see this guide.

23 reviews for NCS Expert / INPA Installation Guide – Windows 10

  1. Anonymous

  2. Tim T.

    Everything worked well. Thank you!

  3. Paul Ellison


  5. doug bowen

    Really helpful for install

  6. dido zaxariev

  7. Konsta R.

  8. Gary

    Step by step guide. Got everything installed first try.

  9. Primož K.

    Very well explained manual for a newbie.

  10. Don Burton

  11. Anthony L.

  12. Richard C.

    These instructions are comprehensive and were invaluable in achieving a smooth install. I don’t think I could have done it without these, so they are well worth the small price.

  13. pablo hernandez

  14. Bob Batten

    All good

  15. David

    Fantastic, but I would like to see a section on adding additional models from daten files like the r50 mini that the site sells

  16. paul hurts

    very easy and quick

  17. Craig Hustwick

  18. Anonymous

    precise documentation. By following it step-wise you will succeed 🙂

  19. Dintrada Kft

    You have to buy the description, because you won’t be able to install the software yourself. Unfortunately, they charge money for it.

  20. martin

  21. Mihály

  22. Kris

    This guide is so detailed, honestly it’s better to follow this guide to install as you don’t want anything to go wrong with your software update.

  23. Anonymous

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