NCS-Expert Coding Pack Update

We have just released a new and improved update to the coding pack, this updates and upgrades the versions.

  • NCSEXPERT – 4.0.1
  • INPA V5.0.6

This also now ensures that 64bit Windows operating systems now work with NCS-Expert tool, our guides have been updated to also include this patch.

  • Coding Pack Product: HERE

Depending on operating system you will need the corresponding install guide:

  • Windows 7 Install Guide – 32bit+64bit: HERE
  • Windows 10 Install Guide -32bit+64bit: HERE

SP-Daten Update Matrix

Below is our SP-Daten update matrix, this outlines the latest versions of the SP-Daten for the different models. We also stock the base / original SP-Daten files as well.

ModelLatestBase / Original
R56V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E81 – E93V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E70V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E60V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E46V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E36V71 – ProductV32 – Product
R50V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E83V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E65V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E52V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E53V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E85V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E38V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E39V71 – ProductV32 – Product
F001V68.1 – Product
F025V65 – Product
F020V65 – Product
F010V65 – Product
F056V65 – Product

E46 Convertible Roof Remote Coding

One of the main features that everyone would like to do on the E46 convertible is to be able to “remote roof”

Note: Im assuming you have INPA setup and connected fine, if not dont even try this..

The is two settings you need to change for this, they are both located in the GM5 module:

  1. KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB (Comfort closingwith remote – power windows, sunroof or convertible top)
  2. KOMFORTOEFFNUNG_FB (Comfort opening with remote – power windows, sunroof or convertible top)

These both need to be set to aktiv (active)

Code them both.. job done test it out!


E90 Disable idrive disclaimer message

You know how annoying this screen is..

“attention use this system only when traffic conditions permit….”

BMW do this to cover themselves.. and im now going to show you how to turn it off. (im assuming you already have coding experience and know how to code modules)

You will need to change one parameter in the CIC module.. do a search on this module for “LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIME”

You need to change from: “ld_mit_timeout” and code “kein_ld” instead

This will prevent the screen from coming up when the idrive system starts up