NCS-Expert Coding Pack Update

We have just released a new and improved update to the coding pack, this updates and upgrades the versions.

  • NCSEXPERT – 4.0.1
  • INPA V5.0.6

This also now ensures that 64bit Windows operating systems now work with NCS-Expert tool, our guides have been updated to also include this patch.

  • Coding Pack Product: HERE

Depending on operating system you will need the corresponding install guide:

  • Windows 7 Install Guide – 32bit+64bit: HERE
  • Windows 10 Install Guide -32bit+64bit: HERE

New competition BMW M3 + M4 models

BMW have showcased its new M3 and M4 “Competition” models, they are asserting that they both offer a balance everyday vs track day performance.

Launched in the UK in early 2021 with the exclusive “competition” specification. The saloon and coupe models both come with the twin-turbo 3.0 litre straight six (lovely sounding engine) – with no shortage of “MSport” magic + badges!

The 503BHP (469lb) performance will push both cars a respectable 0-62MPH in 3.9seconds. Top speed is of course limited to a 155MPH but if you have a demand for more speed – an optional upgrade (yes its BMW’s way) will push that top speed figure to 180MPH – just ask for “M Pro pack” upgrade on specification.

Initially the cars will both be launched in 2 wheel drive configuration, however if its 4-wheel drive you desire this is planned to launch around summer 2021 – “xDrive”.

This “xDrive” system will allow the driver setup and select between the different torque settings (between front and rear). This configuration setting will also allow you to push everything to the rear wheels (in true BMW fashion) at the same time turning off the stability control!

Note: not recommended for the less experienced of drivers

Both models as standard will come with the option to set 10-stages of traction to handle all road conditions (rain, dry track etc)

Note: clicking on image will bring up a higher resolution version

All models will come with the well configured and smooth 8 speed automatic gearbox to ensure comfort but also the impressive 0-62MPH times.

Both the M3 and M4 competition will come with the Adaptive dampers and six-piston brake calipers as standard spec. The brake calipers can be painted in either red, black or the fairly typical but traditional blue.

They will feature the M-Drive professional system, this will log and analyse the drivers on track driving and also adapt to the behaviours of that driver – this will potentially result in better lap times!

Inside the models will feature sports seats, a sports steering wheel, high-gloss carbon fibre trim. With an optiona extra M Carbon bucket seats, which use carbon fibre reinforced plastic to save nearly 10kg.

and of course dont forget the m badges! – a must have for all msport fans.

BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional brings a fantastic tech tweak with head-up display, three-zone climate control, adaptive laser headlights.

Cloud-based live navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included in that pack.

Go on sale from next March, the M3 Competition will cost from £74,755, while the M4 Competition will start at £76,055 depending on optional extras.

SP-Daten Update Matrix

Below is our SP-Daten update matrix, this outlines the latest versions of the SP-Daten for the different models. We also stock the base / original SP-Daten files as well.

ModelLatestBase / Original
R56V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E81 – E93V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E70V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E60V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E46V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E36V71 – ProductV32 – Product
R50V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E83V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E65V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E52V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E53V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E85V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E38V71 – ProductV32 – Product
E39V71 – ProductV32 – Product
F001V68.1 – Product
F025V65 – Product
F020V65 – Product
F010V65 – Product
F056V65 – Product

BMW Electric Cars Total Half a million

BMW Group have delivered over half a million electric based cars to the public, does this show a new opinion of them?

BMW Take just 6% of the market in this with obvious rivals Tesla, the BMW i3 being the top model from BMW.

The BMW iX3 biggest selling market is in China, this is also where it is being produced for the more global market. The iX3 will be the first of the model range to benefit from the 5th generation of BMW Group electric drive trains. The new and improved drivetrain will provide a perfect balance between fuel (range) and battery size.

Launched in 2013 the BMW i3 will continue to be developed and advanced, with BMW Group planning to extend the production until 2024.

I think this shows a new and positive direction for BMW in the emerging electrical car market, but they better not get left behind too much!