E46- ALSZ Module coding options

These are the coding options for the ALSZ module of the BMW e46

  • HEIMLEUCHTEN : home lights activated by flashing high beam with key off
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_ABBRUCH : home light stop
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_AL :home lights are low beam
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_BL : ” ” ” turn signals
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_FL : ” ” ” high beam
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_FUNKSCHL :lights on on closing car with remote (only on e39 )
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_KL58G : home lights are interior backlighting, cluster, ashtray etc.
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_KZL : ” ” ” license plate
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_NSL : ” ” ” rear foglight
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_NSW : ” ” ” front foglight
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_RFS : ” ” ” reverse light
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_SL_H :” ” ” rear parking lights
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_SL_V :” ” ” forward parking lights
  • FL_UND_NSW_NICHT_GLEICHZ : high beam & fog lights come on together when nicht_aktiv (I haven’t got this working yet)

If you would like all of the BMW e46 coding options/more details please see this post where you can download in PDF format for your offline use!

E46- GM5 Module coding options

These are the coding options for the GM5 module of the BMW e46

  • QUIT_AKUST_ENTSCH : alarm beep on unlock (two beeps)
  • QUIT_AKUST_SCHAERF : alarm beep on lock (one beep)
  • QUIT_OPT_ENTSCH : optical Acknowledge remote un-locking (two flashes)
  • QUIT_OPT_SCHAERF : optical Acknowledge remote locking (one flash)
  • ALARM_OPT_ABBLENDLICHT : alarm flashes low beam when tripped
  • ALARM_OPT_WARNBLINKER : ” ” emergency flashers when tripped
  • ALARM_OPT_FERNLICHT : ” ” high beam when tripped
  • BEIKLAPPEN_B_KOMFORTSCHL : press the unlock button twice, and the drivers window will open
  • FH_TUEREN_HINTEN_TIPP_AUF :rear window power down one touch
  • FH_TUEREN_HINTEN_TIPP_ZU : rear window power up one touch
  • FH_ZTR_SCHALTER_TIPP_AUF : window switch down one touch
  • FH_ZTR_SCHALTER_TIPP_ZU : ” ” up ” “
  • (do these after modifying the switches)
  • KOMFORTOEFFNEN_FB_O_FH_HI :remote opens rear window (this has to be nicht_aktiv)
  • KOMFORTSCHLIE_FB_O_FH_HI : remote closes rear window (this has to be nicht_aktiv)
  • KOMFORTOEFFNEN_FB_O_SHD : holding open button on remote opens windows without sun roof
  • KOMFORTSCHLIE_FB_OHNE_SHD : holding close button on remote closes windows without sun roof
  • KOMFORTOEFFNUNG_FB : convertible top opens by holding the open button on remote..Or opens all windows & sun roof on non convertible
  • KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB : convertible top closes by holding the close button on remote..Or closes all windows &sun roof on non convertible
  • MAUT_N_ABBRECH_N_TUER_AUF – windows carry on opening/closing even when you open the door
  • VERRIEGELN_AUT_AB_X_KMH : automatic central locking after X KMH
  • VERRIEGELN_AUT_NACH_2_MIN : automatic central locking is re -locked after 2 MIN if you dont open a door
  • VERRIEGELUNGSSCHWELLE : locking Device-swells (threshold) (speed of X above)
  • (these all have to be aktiv for the auto central locking to work on all keys)
  • PANIK_MODUS – panic mode! press and hold boot button for the siren
  • CYCL_TI_BLK;1-touch on turn signal blinks. einmal-1 . zweimal-2 . dreimal-3.
  • One touch indicators, lane change.
  • BLINKIMPULS_WARNBLK to wert_04 – double impulse hazards
  • HHS_AUTOMATIK – enable auto rear window fogger

If you would like all of the BMW e46 coding options/more details please see this post where you can download in PDF format for your offline use!

Creating a Coding profile

I’m going to show you how to setup a “coding” profile this is key to getting the actual programming correct, the profile will allow you to have the right permissions to code the modules. 

1) Open NCS Expert (usually icon on your desktop)

2) Open up the ‘Expertmode’ profile.

3) Save as a new profile (Call it “coding” or something similar.. ).

4) Load the ‘godfather’ profile.

5) Edit it (file –> edit. Password is repxet).

6) Make sure under button ‘Individualisierung’ all options are crossed.

7) Make sure under button ‘FSW/PSW’, that ‘from CVT’ is chosen, and that the bottom two boxes are crossed.

8) Finally, press ‘consistence check’ and check it works.

9) Then press okay

You should now have a “coding” profile.. Well done! when ever you want to code/write to the cars modules use this one..

Please note: Be very careful when in this profile and using the software, as it will write your modules so dont go thinking you cant do any harm, as you can!- treat with respect