MK4 Nav Perspective View

This is the feature which turns the maps “3d” so you can see sky and puts everything in “Perspective” (hence the name..)

This is hidden away in a menu.. within a menu.. to turn it on:

  1. Go to set.. sometimes labelled “”settings” or config menu (depends on firmware)
  2. Press and hold the menu button for 10secs this will bring up a “Service menu”
  3. Scroll down in till you see “Perspective” use the right knob to enter and change this to yes

Thats it turned on..

So where is it?.. this wasn’t immediately obvious to me either i was half expecting it all to look 3d straight away!

If you select GPS navigation, push the right knob and select “Map positioning” the should be a new option called Perspective.. click this and watch the magic happen.. enjoy

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