BMW Mk3/MK4 Update guide

I have been “playing” with the sat nav drives recently so will be coving some posts on this when i get a chance.

My first one is the steps to take to actually update the firmware on these computers, they are very specific:

  1. Turn the key to ignition position 1 and wait for your car computer to display the options/all turn on
  2. Leave on, open the door (leave open) go to the boot and take out the cd if you already have one in e.g. maps
  3. Insert the firmware CD and go back to the front, wait for a few mins (make sure you leave the drivers door open)
  4. After a few mins your screen should read “Software update The installation will update your navigation system please don’t turn off the ignition” and then few mins after that you should see a progress bar

Your BMW MK3/4 drive is currently reading the software from the CD this will take anywhere from 5mins-10mins DONT close your drivers door or turn the ignition off during this process this will ruin the drive

When the drive is finished you will see “update is complete take cd out and confirm with ok”

  1. go to your boot and eject the firmware cd
  2. go back to the screen and press the right knob to confirm the cd is ejected

Wait for your drive unit to reboot and this will update with your new configuration


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