BMW E46 Convertible Front Stut Brace

I finally got my car back all repaired and sorted, and it also passed the MOT at the same time.

Decided to buy the car a present i found a seller on eBay called “carparts_uk” who offers a front suspension strut brace for just under £30 posted out from Germany. (German = good start)

I have always been rather skeptical about the engine strut braces reading mixed reviews about them and never wanting to take the plunge as must of the solid ones sell for north of £100.. but for the price i went for it!


The install really was as simple as it looks.. bolt on and tighten up, it is a good solid bar with loads of adjustment options on it and the whole install took me about 35mins.

Having driven on it for few trips i genuinely do notice difference certainly stiffens things up in the convertible

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