BMW Mk3/Mk4 Firmware/Software Download:

These files are original and not modified, we take no responsibility for any damage you must know what your doing when upgrading.

For more information on the update procedure please see our post on it here

These are the original untouched firmwares, unlike others im not charging for them.. enjoy!

Update: To save server usage i have uploaded to external mirrors (media fire) if any links are dead let me know- All links now fixed 4th Sept

Press the link below to start download:

  • BMW Navigation Firmware Operating system V32 – Download
  • BMW Navigation Firmware Operating system V30 – Download
  • BMW Navigation Firmware Operating system V29 – Download
  • BMW Navigation Firmware Operating system V25 – Download

NCS/INPA Download:

INPA-6.4.3 – Download

INPA-5.02 – Download

AK90 Key Programmer Software:

V3.02 – Download

17 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Hi, I tried to use the NCS-expert contained in INPA-6.4.3 software on Win 7 x64 and set to XP compatibility mode but I got an error saying that version of the program is not compatible with this version of windows and that I should check if I need the x86 or x64 version…

    I basically gave up when I saw from the documentation in the installation folders that this version is 14 years old.
    It basically only supprots win95/98 and NT !
    Now what puzzled me are the INPA version numbers. I can’t find anything newer than 6.4.3 on the web, while I expect a newer version to exist that supports more modern O.S. ?
    Can you shed some light on this ?


  2. Hi There Roy,

    The version provided here does work with Windows 7 X64 as this is my current personal setup

    Have you gone through the entire process and upgraded the software each time?

    Im in the process of writing up some guides on how to install will let you know as soon as they come available


    1. Hi Matt,

      Q: “Have you gone through the entire process and upgraded the software each time?”
      A: I followed the installation steps for INPA that were described in Installation.pdf in \Referenz folder of the CD.
      I chose to install only NCSExpert as a full installation , not an upgrade.
      When the file copy process starts it also quits with a runtime error so I might not have the full set of files on my C drive.
      But I don’t expect that to be the cause for the incompatibility error that I get when starting NCSExpert.

      An installation guide would be very nice indeed. In the mean time I have downloaded another INPA version 5.0.6 to check if that poses the same problems.
      Alternatively I could try your version in a XP VM but then I don’t have a USB driver for my ODB2 adapter.


  3. Matt,

    Only two links are properly linking to media fire. The only two working are:

    BMW Navigation Firmware Operating system V25
    AK90 Key Programmer Software

    All other links are dead, as they still link to the site.

  4. Hi there Dennis,

    I just tried both the links and they seem fine?

    They are via media fire so the is some ads (not to do with me) and possibly the image captcha.. is this what your having trouble with?



  5. Hi guys
    I have a bmw 630 e 63 coupe and I want witch version of this I need to download because I want coding for AUX cable.

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